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Experience Vietnamese food in a new way.


Mon. - Thu.   1130 am - 1030 pm
Fry.   1130 am - 1100 pm
Sat. & public holidays   1200 pm - 1100 pm
Sun.   1200 pm - 1030 pm


Quê Choa - Offers

Gà Cuộn Bát ĐáM1.   Cơm Trộn Ngô  

M1. Cơm Trộn Ngô  

Marinated meat or tofu fried with golden corn, chili, onions on rice and served with salad, peanuts, Vietnamese herbs and homemade sauce.
A)   Tofu   9,90 €
B)   Chicken   11,00 €
C)   Beef   12,50 €
Xoài Cà RiM 2. Bún Chua  

M 2.   Bún Chua  

Meat or tofu fried with corn, vegetables, chili, garlic, onions on rice noodles, served with salad, peanuts, coriander, lime and dark sauce.
A)   Tofu   9,50 €
B)   Chicken   11,00 €
C)   Beef   13,00 €
Cơm Hải SảnM 3. Sốt Rau Châu Vịt  

M 3.   Sốt Rau Châu Vịt  

Spinach and coconut milk sauce with mixed vegetables, your choice and rice.
A)   Tofu   9,50 €
B)   Chicken   11,00 €
Chuối Om ChayM 4. Vịt Tẩm Mật Ong  

M 4.   Vịt Tẩm Mật Ong   16,00 €

Crispy duck coated with honey, fried with snow peas, green asparagus, shiitake, pak choi, shimeji mushrooms, other vegetables, onions, coriander, reddish sauce, served with mango salad and rice.
Phở Bát ĐáM 5. Phở Đùi Gà  

M 5.   Phở Đùi Gà   13,90 €

Traditional flat rice noodle soup with a strong, clear broth that has the taste of cinnamon, star anise and ginger, with grilled chicken stuffed with betel leaves, shimeji, bean sprouts, spring onions, basil and coriander.
Om ChuốiM 6. Tôm Sò Điệp  

M 6.   Cá Hồi Nướng   16,90 €

Grilled salmon, briefly fried with snow peas, green asparagus, corn, peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, coriander, cashew nuts and homemade red sauce, served with rice.

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Mon - Fri   1130a.m. - 1100p.m.
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